almost primary season

21 Jan

Digging through some political archives online. Yes: I’m that high right now. The primaries here are on the 5th, if memory serves. Meaning, I have two weeks to come to the conclusion of which candidate I think would be the best presdident. Whoever I decide will be the person who has the most similar vision to mine of how they would like to see American run, substantiated by a hearty platform with dates and facts to prove their resolve, and a congressional/ senate voting record which support their policies. Moreover, those policies would support the majority of Americans the majority of the time, while upholding and progressing human rights, sustainibility and respect diversity. I want a damn good leader.Call me picky, i don’t care. I wouldn’t hold these standards to the president of Scapbooking Club, it’s the president of the US of A, so sue me if I’m being demanding.
As of now, I do think there is one candidate inparticular who I am favoring, but no roads are blocked and im still open to contemplation. I know this is petty, by some snags in these candidates voting records and stances really bother me…in a stupid way, like enjoying having dinner with a friend but cringing on the inside when they occasionally smack their food loudly….or something.I’ll start off with Hilary Clinton, and over the nex few days move on the other candidates.
Examples of Things that Bug Me, knowing that controversial past policies, votes and stances could very well rear their heads in the future under each candidate:
Hillary Clinton’s Flaws, Through My Eyes–
1) The Budget and the economy. I’m sure she’d be great at achieving what she wants, but on this topic, we seem to want different things.
Hillary co-sponsored bills totaling $502B in spending thru 2005. (Oct 2006).One one level, I can understand this;even though that sum of money is larger than the GDP of most world nations, i know that it takes a lot to run a lot. But if it takes a lot( money) to run a lot ( the national infrastucture and social programs) then logically there needs to be a lot of taxes or else we’re going to increase debt…a lot. Hillary’s reknown for her extensive domestic program plans ( ie “hillary health care”),which obviously need to be funded from somewhere. Taxes, anyone? Not Hillary: she suggests a universal health care plan AND cutting taxes, leaving the national debt to pick up the slack…but still claims she supports decreasing that pesky debt. I know im just a kid, but I’m also pretty sure my confusion isn’t outrageous.
2)Gay rights. I’m seeing there is a lil bit of seperate but equal goin on here, and a lil bit of inconsistancy. In 2004, Hillary “defended traditional marriage”; in 2006, she voted for same-sex (May 2007). I guess it doesn’t bother me so much that the change occured, it’s just the connotation of the change…flipping positions on this issue could reflect any number of things and until I know what it is I feel uneasy about the disconnect. Any by “same-sex” im pretty sure that means same sex civil unions; Hillary’s on record for being positive about civil unions, with full equality of benefits. (Aug 2007). Marriage is a contract which is part of the social fabric for an efficient society by keeping the nuclear family in tact. Limiting the concept of love to heterosexual love is not only close minded discrimination and insinuates a hierarchy of humanity based on sexual preferences, it isn’t benificial to society. I guess that’s inter-dependent on my belief that gay people should be allowed to adopt with the same ease that heterosexual people or couples do.
3) Crime. This may seem like a petty thing to nit-pick at, but its a big deal: she supports the three-strikes rule.Oh jesus. And the incarceration of an entire demographic of young black men will continue to be locked away.
4) the Environment. She’s nothign special. Alright. But i feel like we need to have a whirlwind force of environmental passion in office to make any difference in this feild.
5)Foreign policy. She’s flip-flopped about Cuba, which again is annoying, but actually doesn’t matter much because it’s cuba.This isn’t the only instance. In the 1960’s she was pro PLO ( palestine) and by the 1980’s she was ademently pro israel. If these countries were people, this woud look like a lot of mtv drama. Not having it. Then again, time occurs, history happens, things change, and I like that she includes the shifting ‘inter-personal relations’ of countries as part of the the greater context. So this is a bitter-sweet con with a hint of pro.

Other issues, i don’t have enough beef with where she stands and has stood to bitch about. Wow. Tommorrow ill get to obama, maybe.


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