Rejuvination Proclamation

22 Jan

Save AP Calculus in high school, in which i lasted under two weeks, I’ve never been tempted to drop a class before due to difficulty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like you, and you, and you: school is tough. But I live for personal challenges, testing my limits…and in the case of calculus, my pain tolerance. Yup, life is one windy loop-dee-loop personal challenge. My story began on the very first day of classes this semester. There were no gradual baby steps easing into my first class after a month recess; we lept over the moon, syllabus flailing in hand. My dual with a personally unexplored frontier of academia, Law, was nothing short of pathetic.It was the Burr to my Hamilton, and i immidiately deemed it my arch-nemisis after my ego was mortally wounded. I wanted to walk out halfway through, unregister, and pull a Forrest Gump and keep on walking, maybe eventually board a shirmp boat. I didn’t end up doing that…and I also didn’t end up doing to reading for a long, long time. But these past few days I have, and I LOVE IT. There are at least 2 words on every page that I’ve never seen before ( one is usually legal jargon), which is awesome. I’m learning.

My phone is spontaneously breaking again. Every few months or so this technological meltdown happens to me, and everytime it has this strange paradox effect of liberation and isolation. Confined by nothing and having nothing. Whenever any of my electronic boxes with screens messes with me, I hear this internal refrain that a wise old man yelled at me once as a child: ” Emily, be smarter than the inanimate object!”And it still makes me laugh, ahhh…

…enough dilly dally’ing: it’s time for Obama-rama. I’m going to do this a little bit differently than Hilary. I only listed my grivances with her, despite the fact that there was a lot more about her voting record, stances and platform that are pretty damn good. My reasoning: even the best diplomats fuck up and get dome from an intern, sometimes. Even though every president has their national mulligan, I would really like the next president’s mistake to be as mild as possible. So my logic is I see the worst of them both, can then guess their future tax-funded terrible ideas, and put my vote in knowing the other candidate could have been better, but they also could have been worse.

But I’m throwing in some positives about Obama too, just to give this entry some better energy:
Abortion/Stem Cell Research:
He is stellar, STELLAR in this area. Abortion is first beause of the alphabet, by the way, not due to my crazy woman-loving ways. He voted against banning partial birth abortion ( woops, he lost, and so did America) in 2007 AND he voted against the 2006 parent notification bill for minors who seek abortions.Come on world, if a girl doesn’t feel comfortable telling her parents, there is probably a reason. And he supports funding research on stem cells, so hurrah.
Budget and Economy:
Alright, this is when i think his new-kid-on-the-block status hinders him. Obama makes these elementary , general critiques about the budget, but doesn’t offer any concreteplan on how to resesitate it. For example, he said he wants to,”Take China to the mat about currency manipulation. (Dec 2007)” Okay…yeah…me too. How? And here lies the stark difference i find between Obama and Clinton: she tells us how. Sometimes her message is less hopeful, but she almost always presents a plan. He is youthful, full of ideas and posotive rhetoric and that’s great, im just not convinced he can deliver.
Civil Rights…or Not rights:
Check it out, Obama is a little s.o.b. when it comes to the gay marriage issue. He has admitted, “Being gay or lesbian is not a choice. (Nov 2007).” Feeling empathetic perhaps, he also stated, “Gay rights movement is somewhat like civil rights movement. (Aug 2007).” So just like fetus’s don’t chose to be born black, they don’t chose to be born homosexual either. Both black and gay people are American minorities who have and are currently fighting tooth and nail towards equality and justice.However, Obama stands by the right for black people to marry, and gay people to enjoy watching black people get married and sigh to themselves, quietly romanticizing the honeymoon night of their civil union…at the courthouse…with the sub DMV man as the fill in sanctioner. holy, no?Apperantly, “Marriage not a human right; non-discrimination is. (Oct 2004).”
Criminal Justice:
To my surprise, he is low key on this topic. He’s supported the death penalty and opposed the death penalty in a two year span. When you put all of the cards on the table, this hand- or lack thereof- is easy to read; despite the fact that 1/3rd of all black males in america my age ( which is voting age) are incarcerated for stupid shit, like the 3 strikes rule or because they were caught having to protect themselves because the police sure as hell won’t, Obama is not wasteing his mental and physical resources on this issue because a) he probably doesn’t want to be portrayed as a ‘gangsta sympathizer’ and b) incarcerated persons can’t vote so they’re useless to him! Obama will support the upwardly mobil colored folk through ceaseless support for affermative action, but he remains silent about those who have already fallen. Sad.
He has a lot of ideas, nice, expensive, bank-breaking ideas….but i think we need to occupy a few more arab nations and snag their oil rigs before we can turn them into realities.
He’s good EXCEPT he supports nuclear power.Knock Knock. Who’s there? Cherenobal. Yikes.



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