writing in my bed

22 Jan

Before I fall asleep, I want to make sure i stay on schedule with Primary prep. Next candidate up: Barak Obama.

But first, a quote of the day. The winner is Andrea with, ” The best theocracies make you think that you’re free.” Wait a gosh darn minute here–don’t we live in the ‘Land of the Free?’ Hmmm, and our fearless leader, who only seems so by juxtapositioning himself against the politics of fear propoganda, now has embarrasingly low popularity ratings from the American people and yet is making high stake decisions in the name Americans and allegedly ‘for their benifit.’ Excecutive powers are up, privacy is down and all the while the media presents us with enough information to satisfy cynicism and curiosity, and treats their blurbs like overarching facts instead of fragments of opinions to stifle the average american to question.Quote runner up: “Threats to democracy, however, are not always external. They sometimes burrow from within.” Is it worse not to be able to speak out at all against The Man, or not be aware that there is something substantial to speak out about? I’m pretty sure that the politics of fear have allowed people to have the wool pulled over their eyes at the hypocracy of being “freedom fighters” abroad ( enacting the ultimate irony of waging a war and occupation in the very name of establishing freedom) while simultaneously having our freedoms restrictedon our home turf…patriot act, anyone? Another example: the administration wins the empathy support of Americans to go to specific arab nations, provoked only by greed and not by threat, and justifying it with the ‘status’ and ‘abuse’ of women abroad.Meanwhile, poof, there goes 3rd trimester abortion from our own soil. There goes government supported comprehensive sex education. There goes the extra 24 cents that every man earns to the dollar more than women doing equal work holding equal titles. I just use feminism as a means of example. By no means are women the only or the most important demographic affected under this umbrella of tyranny, If i knew more about the subprime morgage fiasco systematically retarding black americans ability to maintain or permeate socioeconomomic class lines, my example would have been like that. With the Roe v Wade aniversary this week, I’ve had women (‘s issues) on the mind. Something strange to ponder: think of all of the unborn fetuses aborted in the past 35 years since Roe v. Wade…that translates into a crazy amount of lives. Now, im just toying with the idea, but most women who get abortions are young or not ready or in a committed relationship or just don’t want the baby…many of these unborn people would have been in less-than-ideal environments… from struggle and depression blossoms art and bohemia…what creations, or destructions, has the world avioded via abortion? I know, oversimplification. On this 35th aniversary we celebrate 34 years of sucess and 1 year of regression. Unfortunatley, we are in the wake of that year. And the terms sucess and regression are obviously from my standpoint. Just take one second for me here and think about how many of yourfriends , or self, would be mothers or fathers today if it hadn’t been for abortion, or even emergency contraception. Nuts, totally nuts.

So much for barack, that was a tangental orgasm. But I didn learn one thing new about barack today: he smokes cigarettes. If he likes camel menthol lights, my vote will be handed to him on a silver platter. More Next time.


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