फील थे (तिगेर) Heat

25 Jan

Last night was nuts. Sometimes, the randomness of my life baffles me when I take a step back. I’m receiving 2 credits to apply the psyc 490x Directed Research class to being a Research Assistant…which, among other things, entails me going to gay clubs in LA for free once a week and survey men who have sex with men about the nitty-gritty details of the sexual behavior they enjoy. Some questions are fun ( how many times were you on top in the past x days…), some are embarrassing for me ( what is your gender…) and others are sensitive ( did the HIV test results show positive or negative?) My favorite part of the gay club last night was the bathroom. The door had those traditional/confining pictures of a man for mens room or a woman in a dress for ladies room. Alls i know is, there were more boys in the girls bathroom than girls, and vice-versa. I also may have seen the conception of a future child, about 4 feet away from where i was standing. Precious. It was no doubt a learning experience…I had queer theory explained to me and learned how a man can be a lesbian and overall the experience just exploited how ludacris our societal polarization of designated identities and roles and labeling system is. What a night.


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