Womp, Womp

29 Jan

I’m looking to drop a commitment, or two, or five or ten. The cardnal rule of the ideation is no screwing over myself or others. Other than that, it’s the rugby of the over=zealous scheduling world, right here, right now:
1)Organization: The Women’s Student Assembly
Drop-ability( 1=never I’d be a martyr for this group, 10=drop in the next 3 blinks): 2.5. If i did, time would pour through my windows like sunshine in the summertime…butttt….I committed to e-board, i learn from it, i grow from it, i am actually productive and see some of the fruits of my labors like the weekly newsletter which is satisfying…Not dropping this semester.
2)Organization: Take Back the Night–Clothesline
Dropability: 3.5. Required to participate cause of eboard wsa. Good cause, good people, spectacular event and the director has been thinking and working on it since she was elected into the position spring of last year…but truth be told it’s time (especially later in the semester) and energy
3) Organization: JEP t.a.
Dropability: 5.5. I SOO could drop this.But then i’d be dropping all of that extra credit in psyc 355. Not a risk im willing to take.
4) organization: troy camp
dropability: 4. I could just wane out of the spectrum for a while. But I need to go to as many events and meetings as possible to earn more points so i can rank high enough to attend Troy Camp, the actual camp, this summer. AND this is the one organization where i can just enjoy it and don’t have any creative or logistical responsibility over anything or anyone except myself and occasionally children. Don’t want to quite this one.
5) organization: Remarkable Women’s Awards Selection Committee
Dropability:3. I’m excited to rep the undergrad voice and meet some sweet deans and shmooze over piles of applications and nominations and attend a fancy banquet in the end. And it’s kinda too late to back out anyway, so i must perservere
6) organization: Experimetrix random ass psych experiments for extra credit
dropability: 6. The highest dropability yet. I know this seems petty, dropping the stupid psych extra credit opportunity, but last semester is spent 21 hours + doing psych experiments through usc in person or online, not counting find and scheulding all of those opportunities. In the end, it absoluetly paid off. So why am i thinking about sacraficing this again…?
7) Organization: 2-credit Directed Research class for the VSP.
Dropability: 5. It would be one less research paper to write, texbook to read, and 5 less lost hours in the week. it would also be goodbye to casually discussing queer theory, free gay clubs, class credit for asking gay men about their sexual behaviors and just a cool chance to experiance everything that goes into the psychology research projects and studies I read about multiple times a day in my classes,
8) Organization: work-study, Bovard.
dropability: 6. Must make money. Would prefer job with, i dunno, stable weekley hours. But bovard is essentially paid standing in blazers, so there is little point in me dropping the hours i do have.
9)Organization: Random retreats like WLR, ASB’s like in N.O.
Dropability: 7. They’re fun, and usually mostly free, but they’re the opposite of stopping to breathe. They are sprinting.
10)Organization: USC
Dropability: -25. Only if they give me back my money from the past 3 semesters so i can take that and go do something cool like liberate a hatian village.
11)Organization: Friendships
Dropability: Seeing as I never got into mysterical heros and harry potter, real life friends are what i got.
12) organization: sleep
dropability: probable. like now. its 3 am and i have to get up at 8 ish.

MY LIFEEEEEE. You may be asking yourself about now what i need all of this extra time for and want to drop stuff anyway? I want extra time to do nothing. absolutley nothing. Just write or paint or look up politics or have time to realize that it is a nice day out and to smell what the air smells like and to (literally) not book my social life in 1 to 2 hour slots which open every few days where i have time for myself that i chose to share with other people which is not okay with me because other people deserve time with me when im not exhausted and i deserve a minute to myself. im booking coffee dates a week in advance to find an opening. this is not ok.



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