The good, the bad, and the sleepy

31 Jan

The Good: I officially dropped one 3 hour a week commitment. Save your applause, taking back time is the only positive reinforcement I need. It wasn’t even a big enough commitment that it made The List of my last blog entry, but it’s a start so I’m proud. I also backed out of the leadership retreat I’ve been looking forward to since i applied for it last semester ( see section “The Sleepy” below for an explanation. Bittersweet.

The Bad: I am confused, confused, confused. Too many options. Well, two options is really too many options for me, to be realistic. I went to my academic advisor with three seperate missions. 1) Declare my minor.Done. 2) Vent to recieve advice . Worthless. Her advice: study in a different library to change scenery if you feel overwhelmed. Thanks, thanks a lot.3) Inquire about the possiblities of study abroad for Fall or Spring of next year…and here we go. I could study abroad in the Fall or the Spring. I could study abroad in a program to knock out major or minor credits limiting me to mostly english-esque speaking countries, OR i could not. Either way. I could graduate a semester early if I did a psych program, or on time if i didn’t. If i graduated early, i could save my money and work on or by campus until everyone else graduates. so you see, the confusion ensues…

The sleepy: …and i haven’t been able to figure anything out because i’ve spontaneously passed out multiple times today, and slept pretty much all day yesterday…and it took every fiber of my being to remain concious the day before that. If i can manage to stay awake for long enough, some cool choices are about to be made.


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