Stranger, Weirder, Eerier.

2 Feb

I’ve been sleeping through most social events lately, and I think my dreams are making up for any and all lost fun.

Strange Dream #2: Literally, Getting High

I was back in Portland, where the grass is green without the mechanical nurturing of sprinklers and the air has a greater percentage of oxyen than CFC’s. There was a dude who was inflating balloons, and he forced everyone at the park to grab one and experiance his magical journey. Relectantly, I did, and immidiately shot up into the sky above the trees, the clouds, the planes, my life depending on the strength of my grip to the tail of the balloon. I closed my eyes almost the entire time going up, and most of the time going down becuase my Dream Self was still scared of heights, so when I landed I had no idea where i was. Thankfully, or not so thankfully, one of the middle school bullies made a cameo apperance, so i asked her where the hell I was. She told me Gabriel Park, a park right next to my house…and then another strange thing happened…my brother landed from his balloon jounrey right next to me. So, naturally, we hopped into a van together with a bunch of random people ( some of who i know in real life and some who i didn’t) and went to korea town to get some drugs. There were police patroling the streets, so to divert their attention we had the rest of the women in the car get out wearing muslim hijabs around their heads and loiter the corner. As planned, the police saw this and about 4 of them with ak-47’s rushed over to deal with those ‘barbaric, lawless hussies.’ Which left my brother and I free to sneak into this shady-ass crack house. The person who knocked on one of the aparment doors inside before us was a woman russian-looking immigrant who got the shit slapped out of her by the palest chinese man I’ve ever seen , who anwsered the door. The pale chinese guy took a liking to my brother and I, let us in, and led us downstairs….where he already had company. David Schwimmer. That’s Ross from Friends. Sittingon the Crack Couch, chillin out. So the rest of the dream was David and I hanging out on the couch, him telling me his self-esteem woes, but generally having a good time.

Sleep is great.


One Response to “Stranger, Weirder, Eerier.”

  1. Empowered Fasionista February 4, 2008 at 2:24 AM #

    how do you remember your dreams like this?!?! DUDE…you should make a movie….i felt when i was reading this that i was watching waking life

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