Best Paragraph of the Day

4 Feb

The start of my weekday routine usually follows this generic ruberic. I pre-game the folly of my early afternoon classes with the fun of a late morning class. Exciting, right? But oh, I have a secret: the real magic happens between the lectures during Turbo Get Shit Done Time. I drown myself in the days caffine of choice and get into the zone. Today, during that very time-out from reality, I took a minute to lift my nose out of my law book and just laugh out loud, right in the middle of commons. This is, emperically, the best paragraph of the week:

Backstory: I was reading about the constitutional parameters of parental authority in the case Mozert v. Hawkins County Board of Education. Essentially, an Angry Christfearing PTA Mother challenged that her child school was breaking the free execize clause in the first amendment with optional family planning sexual education, evolution, the works.The supreme court held in favor of the school district, duh, because exposure is different than endoctrination yada yada, and the case goes on to explain the details in detail, including…
” Mrs. Frost testified that many politicalissues have theological toors and that there would be “no way” certain themes could e pressented without violating her religous beliefs. she identified such themes as EVOLUTION, FALSE SUPERNATURALISM, FEMINISM, TELEPATHY, AND MAGIC as matters that could not be presented in any way without offending her beliefs.”


By the way…I decided. I’m voting tomorrow, at the Cathlioc Center, with my eyes wide open, hand steady, and without the intelligence of eenie-meenie-minie-moe. I’ll break it down. The united states is removed from my imaginary utopian democracy. Thomas Jefferson wanted me ( or a white, land owning male version of me) to be educated so I could make the best informed and thought out decisions I knew how when submitting a ballot. Tommy boy, that was a nice idea, but it wasn’t even until the industrial revolution in the early 20th century when an influx of blue collared immigrants unionized got angry that snot-nosed children were snatching their jobs for lower wages that the federal government mandated all kids up to 16 have to go to school. So much for Jefferson’s romantic means towards the same ends. I spent 11 years in compulsory education, decived by the false motivation of heroism through informed citizenship. Now I know I wasn’t even required to go to school to learn how to be a good cog in the machine, it just took me off the job market. Moreover, schools are even more of a facade than I previously imagined; they lawfully have no obligation to teach me anything and their sole duety and purpose is to be a physically safe space. Essentially, what I thought were the points of rationale behind my schooling–a base education for the sake of satisfying human curisoity, getting a diverse groups of peoples on the same page, preparing a young demographic to become the best cogs in the societal machine they could be, and enabling a basic democracy–all pale in comparrison to the threat of me as cheap labor. Keep me off the job market, keep me safe, and school can keep their funding. I find myself in a laughable position. My most informed vote, based on all of my logic, reasoning, educational background and research, is still a vote of consessions and naievity. School until now only taught me what school wanted me to know, basically the western world through the whitewashed lens of a judeo-christian wealthy man. At least I was safe…save Springfeild, Columbine, and the rest of the scattered school massacres. Knowing that I don’t have the proper skills, knowledge or resources to make an informed vote, I’m forced to vote for rhetoric, voting records and proposed stances on hot-topic issues.Basically, voting for a campaign. Which is lame. Hence, my domino effect of consessions.I should be voting Green Party because i agree with their principles they develop policies off of, but I am not due to this (anti-grassroots) bipartisian system; I shoud be voting for the dem who is not going to win but who i agree with most, but i’m not; who i’m voting for is the pretty good candidate from the party of which im a fair-wheater fan. A compromise. At least not all of Jefferson’s ideals were lost…


One Response to “Best Paragraph of the Day”

  1. Lani February 6, 2008 at 1:24 AM #

    Reading your writing keeps my head on straight. The words flow off of the page and into my mind. Right now they’re dancing. You’ve got some talent girl. Love.

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