13 Feb

Dear Emily of the future weekend,
This is Emily, from Tuesday. Well, technically it’s Wednesday i suppose but the smog has yet to illuminate a hazy rosy fingered dawn creeping over the downtown high-rises and skyskrapers. I don’t have much time to fill you in ( this is an all-nighter for a reason) but to gist of it is this: variability is exciting because it makes you appriciate stability. Will the scantron spit out the test im about to take, offended by the taste of idiocracy? Perhaps. Life wouldn’t end, I’m well aware. And if it did end, if the apocolypse came and I was the sole catalyst, there is no way i could feel poorly about that. There is no way I could feel at all–i’d be dead…or reincarnated into a turtle ( shoutout to my buddhist friends…and when you break it down, a turtles life is grand. When i was at the long beach aquarium on saturday, similar thoughts teeter-tottered in my mental playground. A jellyfish’s life is grand. They have no self concept of being a distinct entitiy from the jelly next to them. Their was just something so pure and perfectly balanced about their lives, unconciously existing, maintaining homeostasis, aroused and challenged by survival and reproduction. Nothing is convoluting they way they are programmed to function as animals. They have no fashion schemas or personality schemas that affect their behavior and inter-jellyfish relations. They just be.

I gotta get me a Jelly man. Learn from the invertebrea kings of the sea.


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