Tired and Inspired Musings

18 Feb

Words are the most tireless toy mankind has created. Words are a mosaic of mirrors reflecting our thoughts, dynamic and distinct, distinguishing me from you from them. Words are as clever, potent and genuine as the individual crafts them to be, and therein lies the inherent flaw in the function of language: words are the middlemen of communication, and even the most sincere writen or spoken message is just a shadow of the sentiment and idea in it’s original form.

The eye-to-eye conversation, naked and honest, shares in silence. Deaf to tone, translucent in intention and unable to mask it’s motive, it reveals. Light and dark wrestleing and tumbling, ricoche off of your eye and onto theirs, illuminating brilliant hidden shades of gray obscured by the routine and simplifying effects of everyday language. Forced to absorb meaning and stumble into understanding, soujourning into a deep well, intimate cosmic empathy, superceeding borders and identities, connect. Efficient breath taking, breath saving, breathing palpating humanity. Translating novels of experiance and omitting the trial and error of words, clumsy and cluttered, a cacophany of desires detered by the wasted wishes and trivialities of assinine assumptions of the known and unknown. Stick figure conclusions rule supreme, silloueteing a full figured reality, gracefully dancing around truth and meaning and naieve to their brilliant preformance art of deception. Break Through. Penetrate through webs of words borrowed into a higher tier of looks owned, unmistaken and orginial, broadcasting at a frequency, too frequently too high to reach communal clairty through the bashful, blushing cheeks of the majority, small-talking, dog-walking over rehersed Schemas and Scripts ,under-estimating the purifying effects of panorama, hearing their neighbor without listening and writing a letter without revealing, reverting to a rubric set in society like a cookie cut out of a cut out, cloned and cemented, stained into the sky and sea by Outdated Traditions. Outdated Traditions, supported by tyranny,tears and tiers of transmitted Truths, unequivicoaly scribed and spoken in scripture and sermons, written and redacted, reinforcing rhyme and reason for rules and regulations and other ideas whose existance blossomed from and relys on language and litigation. And Numb to our senses we follow the leader, blindly bah’ing and babbeling, literature a luxury and limited to a lexicon of laymens lessons and never once do we dare look the librarian in the eye and demand more. Settle, we settle, we sink and we settle, quicksand society swirling and gurgleing, consuming, insatiable appitite.

Knock-offs are for purses and chemically altered no calorie sugar packets. Language, writen and spoken, negotiates the authenticy of meaning proposed with the meaning interpreted. Use the eyes more often–as I’m learning, they really are little portals…


2 Responses to “Tired and Inspired Musings”

  1. Lani March 9, 2008 at 11:26 AM #

    I have been reading all the posts I’ve missed since being abroad backwards….just so you’re aware.

    This post blew me away. Not only in its depth.. but in its poetic prose. You never cease to amaze me.

    I’m calling you soon.


  2. Empowered Fasionista February 18, 2008 at 11:46 PM #

    maybe you should double in com…there is whole theory based on the message being said by and how it is percieved by another…
    um also, as everyone was getting on the plane today i realized how i was looking at them…i soon stopped looking at the on coming passengers…

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