The Means, The Ends and Meaningless Meaning

20 Feb

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Perhaps–every stupid cliche and idiom is applicable in the right context.By simply amplifying that saying with some hyperbole, a scarey doctorine arises: one man’s mindless musings is another man’s emotional oxygen. Impossible situation? I think not. Ignore the highways this question could lead you to wander down and instead let us saunter this narrow alleyway under the Champagne Supernova in the Sky. What? Precisley.

Tonight, lounging and chatting around the assorted bohemia-meets-grandmothers attic-meets-lazy clutter of my appartment, an old cherished song of mine, Champagne Supernova, was exposed for the Fraud that it really is. It’s a song of exclusivly pretty noises and whimsical, abstract lyrics, which together allude towards a hint of significance, but alas, none. According to Wikipedia (the latest and greatest Prophet, shhh don’t tell jesus), the writer of the song, Noel, ” claimed in a 2005 interview that he has still not made up his mind as to what the song actually is about, though he thinks it might be about reincarnation.” Aren’t you supposed to know what the song is about sometime before or during the whole writing process? Maybe? Perciever dictates meaning. Meaning is not fact, it’s fluid. But usually the dissonance in the meaning sent and taken in of author and perciever differ in significance, not existance. This song used to move me, inspire me, make me feel. Nothing moved me, nothing made me feel. Nothing. Champagne Supernova, you are a tricky little son of a bitch.


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