21 Feb

I am a Gemini. If there is a difference between a horoscope and a vaugely cotoured proverb of the day, the distinction is lost on me. Zodiac as I see it has no inherent predictive value; however, its prescriptive nature primes a perfect situation for a self-fullfilling prophecy. Horoscope ingested–> introspective lens applys horoscope to self and life–> thoughts, feelings, and behaviors experianced are more likly to reflect horoscope. That being said, zodiac isn’t a modern day, commercial, overprinted Nastradamas, but it isn’t completly worthless and irrelevant either. Sexism and gender roles work in the same way; women and men are fed societal ideas of what it means to be masculine and feminine, and grow to embody those characteristics. Today I looked at my horoscope, which is sent to me everyday by the wise Junk E-Mail Gods of the Stars. Gemini’s in general are the communicators and non-conformists of the zodiac. Most people assume we’re fickle and have the jeckle-hyde Twin effect. I’m calling bullshit-show me one person who isn’t multi-faceted and complex.

Here is my horoSCope (…oh god..) today. Let’s see if I actually make it a reality as this kernel of ‘knowledge’ about myself is planted into the back of my mind:
“Gemini-It’s more important today to know what you want than it is to believe that you can get by with a spur of the moment decision. You really need a concrete plan, even if this isn’t your typical style. Advanced preparations now can increase your success potential for the future. Ultimately, you can obtain freedom if you work with discipline from the beginning.”

Right below clairvoyant message is a weight loss advertisment, i could lost 10 pounds in about 48 hours!!!! No thanks. And that sums up pretty well the agency and authenticity that I attribute to zodiac.


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