flashback of the night

26 Feb

Look. I had a terrific, productive, relaxing day. It is now 2:30 am. I’ve surpassed tired, defeated depleted, curb stomped exhausted, and find myself buoyant, hovering over the water line dividing consciousness and unconsciousness. Every sheep I count is a buoy in disguise, every meditative thought is another set of water wings, compounding and weighting me up, up and away in a frustrated fit of levitated bliss. All I want is a gentle dissent back down to my restless body, harmonize and reconnect, warm up the ill-oiled joints and melt away the mental peaks and valleys. Redefine Mellow, a patient energetic yellow that I used to know before like my own reflection. My battery pack and my snooze button have run away, racing the The Cow and ET to the dark side of the moon made of a cobblestone conglomerate comprised of youthful and drug induced musing and misconceptions. They play up there because I had lost my confidence to do just that on earth, and so shoved them out with the earnest naivety of a curious child. And in days caught in a maze without Buzz Lightyear to lift me up and out and bring me home, I realize that Woody wouldn’t have, couldn’t have, left my side and there was never a need to modify the wheel to begin with. Too late, so late, storm awaits as I lie awake now and know that I’ll be failing at fighting sleep tomorrow.

Life is funny. I’m so happy, so sleepily giddy even at my own self-handicapping shortcomings.


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