Percieve and Believe

9 Mar

Preemptive warning: tired, tipsy and tangental opinion below. Mind your head.

For us earth organisms, ‘change’ is a shift in perception. That’s it. Funny how for us, Perception is Everything, but Everything is not Perception. (sidenote: shoutout to the muses who re-aroused my contemplation about everything and Everything.) Maybe Everything is perception, but for the sake of my sanity in at 9:30 am statistics class, I’m buying into it’s applied validity for the human world…and the chance that this thing we have called existance is coincidently unique to specifically the scope and limits of our random 5 senses is kate moss slim. My point: if every truth and definition we have is limited to our perception, and we only test what we can emperically messure which is double limited by our perception AND abilities, AND perception is slave to a zillion variables, then how can change exist from one state to another when original state cannot be accurately defined?

i hate daylights savings. i like maple bars.


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