Check in

27 Mar

Every so often I do a self assesment. I ask myself: ‘Self, if you could be anywhere in the world right now, doing anything you please, in whatever company you chose, where/what/with whom would be be (with)?’

Sometimes my (seemingly) mundane reality is the antithesis of my outrageous ideal; other times the two overlap so one is just a crescent shadow beneath the other.

The more boring my life is, the more extreme my desire to be in the exact opposite context is. When life is spice, my ideal meets it halfway. This is a happy place.

I’ve stumbeled into a realm of adventure and stability, with routine and occasional spontenaity to break it with. This is a new mix, a great mix, and let’s see if i can finish week one of post spring break school on this same positive mood-note. CHALLENGE


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