Mission Impossible

31 Mar

We can protest, demonstrate, and write a letter to every political figurehead.
We can boycott, mobilize and inseminate our communities with the oxymoronic seeds of bias truths.
But, as south-Central’s very own street prophet Mr. Shakur eloquently stated, “Some things never change.”
I’m not sure about ‘never.’ Seems to me like can and never have an inverse relationship; if we believe both time and space to be infinite, then the possibility of anything drastically increases and the probability of never diminishes.
However, some things in this crazy, mixed up world of ours are changing at the pace of a recorded sloth, played in slow motion, and re-winded 1 second per 2 seconds it’s played.
You know what I mean?
Let me provide an example.
Free Tibet. For the love of god, Free Tibet already.
This week there was a big Free Tibet protest in downtown Portland (my hometown). Typical. But really, how helpful are those demonstrations? So one Portlander informs another about Tibet and (surprise surprise) the new liberal guy agrees with the other liberal guy; national sovereignty is so in this century. Great. And let’s even take this thought experiment as far as to say that these two fellow acted on their convictions and tried to do something to free Tibet. They created a documentary about the issue. Did that work? Is Tibet now free? No. My proof: my sophomore year in high school I saw a Free Tibet documentary in a local indie cinema. Is Tibet free now, 4 years later? No. Did I do anything about the issue after watching the film? No. Do I care/empathize more? Yes. …Does that matter to the Tibetan people or help them whatsoever? Not really, No. Let’s say these two men started a non-profit charity where all of the proceeds were put towards Tibet. Would that help? Ehhh…I mean, yeah I guess, but it’s that exact form of altruistic neo-colonialism (nourishing a country from the tit of this great motherland) which a) sets up a dependent relationship which fucks over the other guys in the end and b) we NEVER ASK what the people over there want and need. We put our opinions, our values, our rhetoric, our theories, and our individualistic cultures into their collectivistic territory and don’t really make things much better as much as we make them more complicated.

So if you ask me, I won’t say Tibet will never be free, but probably not in my lifetime. But maybe I just need to adjust my mindset…with infinite time and space…if I was born once there is a possibility I could eventually be born again…and if I buy into the chance of my reincarnation, than the probability that Tibet will be free in my lifetime increases. Ah, optimism. And with that, I’m off to bed.


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