5 Apr

In the rainforest, the canopy protects every living organism beneath from the brutalities of the livid noon sun or unyielding curtains of rain. It is a natural buffer, calloused skin covering the vulnerable permeance of the ruby fresh layer beneath it.

When the canopy goes, beams of reality, drops of extremity and leaves ( once a vibrant green, now wilted and pale) fall down with it upon it’s posterity which lies beneath.

In this case, I lie beneath. For the 4th time since I’ve been at USC, I lie beneath. Burried in a pile of leaves, fragmented memories, reigning family patriarchs and matriarchs call out ‘timber’ time and time again until it is literally raining family patriachrs and matriarchs as they arch towards the unknown, potentially, and i ache to drop that prefix and have it all be known.

I get verbose when I feel, so sue me.

My Uncle jack’s funeral was today, and i wrote this eulogy as catharsis about 10 minutes after recieving the news. It literally hurled itself onto the word document; it was written in about 5 minutes.

I’m a big fan of putting the emphasis on celebrating a life over a grieving death. I want to share with everyone was a terrific soul he is:

Uncle Jack was nothing short of inspirational; much like mygrandpa,his brother, he served as the family Confucious.Granted, physical distance between Jack and 
Frieda and my nuclear family after we moved to portland made it so my in person interactions with him were limited; 
however, they must have been significant because what I gained from him simply through observing his character is an 
example I have with me now, will be with me forever, and i aspire to one day achieve. Rarely is a presence so calming 
yet powerful; rarely is such respect demanded through content silence; rarely does a smile like his illuminate a room; and 
rarely do humility and modesty error on the side of wisdom and kindness when tempted to morphs into superficial vices 
of financial sucess. Uncle Jack was an artifact of the moral, family values which were killed a few decades back and my 
generation has the obligation to bury without the time to grieve the tremendous loss. A man of valor, a man of stability, a 
man of unwavering generosity: my uncle Jack deserves my time to reflect upon and respect the significance of his life 
and celebrate the closing of the curtains to an awe-inspiring show. The concept of celebrating death makes sence to 
me–although this is physically the end of uncle jacks life cycle, his soul lives on through a the effect of linked chains, lke 
myself, which will carry him with us and pass his legacy down to the next link, until forever. Until forever Uncle Jack, i will 
remember yo, respect you, and honor you until forever. Thank you for being you.


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