A Two Way Analysis of Variance

8 May

Looking both ways before crossing an intersection is tricky enough; LA road rage and the epidemic of text message addicted bikers are honestly the most dangerous elements about life in South Central for a pedestrian like myself. Territory Gangs? Harmless. Biker Gangs? Lethal.
Here I stand. Toes curling over the edge of the sidewalk. An Intersection. Soul Street becomes Body Boulevard. Spring Semester’s cemented sidewalk meanders in a windy Summer alleyway. The two roads intersect perfectly, creating four right angles and a nauseating feeling that I’ll end up moseying the wrong way.

I have spent the past month clicking my heels together, closing my eyes, and visualizing the summer.

Red Light. Stop Days. Look both ways, where I’ve been, where I’m going, reconnect to where I am. Yellow Light, Finals. Synthetic light reflecting off my books into my eyes, a daze so intense it’s mellow.

Yet to turn Green. Anticipating the Green. Green, my favorite color. Green grows. Green changes. Am I ready for the light to change, leave the ol’, soul-enriching challenges of Leavey and this hectic lifestyle in a nicely packaged memory engram of the semester in mental storage, and enter into my body to trailblaze the frontier of the summer ahead?

Change is life’s only constant. To question change and approach it timidly is sleepwalking through life, not living. When the light turns green I gotta go, and for the sake of my physce I should embrace the destination.
My humble opinion: everything does not happen for a reason, but everything does happen and our interpretation of why and how, I reason, is what takes us where.
Ready, Set, –>


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