17 May

Alright…I’m starting this thing off…

Natalie–Where are you?
Emily–How was working 23847238472983 million hours? Are you alive?
Sarah–The clean-up/pack-up…how’d it go?

Wednesday/Thursday were crazy. The BBQ with John’s fam was great and then we had a awesome night together. Really rough leaving though. Emotional to say the least. Granted…I’ll see him in a month or so–but same as with not seeing you guys–it’s weird not to see him everyday. It’s cool though, we are good phone talkers.

Went to Temple on Friday night because Ellen graduated Hebrew school. I was making faces of her while she was up on the bima the entire time. That went over well until my mom gave me dirty looks. Lots of them. I stopped.

Anyway, who loves the dishwasher? ME! Yes…I am using as many dishes as my heart desires because I DON’T HAVE TO WASH THEM! woot woot.

Tomorrow I am walking with some friends in the NY AIDS WALK through Central Park. Today we had a bake sale in town to raise money. It was cute. Very high school of us. But I always like the walk, and hopefully it will be good weather. 

Michael pooped in the toilet today for the fist time. HOLLER.

Rachel was in the local paper today. Under police reports. Her actual name was not in it because a) she is a minor and b) she didn’t do anything wrong. She was in a car last week with some 17 year old kid who was speeding and three other girls. The guy got pulled over for going 50 in a 30, then the cop saw is fake ID, then he realized the kid was breaking some other driving regulation. Long story short they arrested the kid and then took Rachel and her friends to the police station. She and her friends were not in trouble at all…the po po just didn’t want to leave them on the side of the street. Nonetheless, my mom was not to please to receive a phone call while she and my step dad were out to dinner saying “Hi, Ms. Ehrich? Yes, this is the Scarsdale Police Headquarters and WE HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER. Would you mind coming to pick her up?” Oh, Rachie.

In other driving news, my step brother got his drivers license yesterday. I am truly praying that he isn’t going to kill someone. I don’t want to be on the roads with him there. Seriously. Scary. Good for my mom though so she won’t have to lug his annoying ass around anymore. 

I really can’t believe this year is over. I still feel like a freshman. Today someone asked me what year I was in in college and I said “a sophomore” and then corrected myself. Shit man…adulthood on the way. I am sort of in denial as my bags are still in the car. I feel like unpacking means it is really summer which means that I am not living with you guys and that I am not seeing John and that I am not a sophomore. Life’s a changing.

Cockroaches can live for nine days after their head has been cut off.


One Response to “OMG. DISHWASHER.”

  1. Big Haired Ghandi June 9, 2008 at 11:21 AM #

    Michael poo’ed in the toilet!?! mazel tov girl, he is now one crucial step closer to being New Yorks biggest Mac Daddy under 4 years old. And I can’t believe Rachie had the opportunity to visit Police Station before she can legally see a rated R movie. Tell her I am very, very impressed haha. Was saying goodbye to John good ( month long) closure or did it make it harder to leave on such a good note? When’s he coming to visit you? Josh is coming to portland july 2-8th, if you’re with john at that time i think it is mandatory that we all i chat so it can be like old times chillin in the room together haha. MISS YOUbig haired ghandi aka emily

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