I’m So Hot I Pee Glitter

8 Jun

So… a lot going on…

1) my sister just had prom this weekend. she looked beautiful. gorgeous.

2) same sister just broke up with her boyfriend 10 minutes ago. sad.

3) internship going well so far though i think i am stuck with a D-bag co-intern. poo.

4) i have a sibling due TOMORROW. holy shit shit shit.

5) it is hot as fuck here. humid of up the wazoo. no hair gel is doing me justice.

6) i am embarrassed to say that i have been reading kim’s (the one who got fired from hillel) baby blog. she just had her baby. she facebooked her status during the thing. kind of funny. cute baby though. happy for them.

6) i really miss you guys and i want to hear what has been going on in your lives…i feel like i don’t know much and that is horribly, horribly depressing. seriously. write. call. text. i don’t care.


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