The Funny, Gory Bone

15 Jun

I’ve been trying to pay attention to when people laugh.My brother laughs when something is clever, my dad laughs at (mostly corny ol jewish man) puns, and my mom laughs when she’s uncertain or vulnerable. I usually laugh when my mind plays out a Family Guy-esque tangent or exaggeration of the statement or situation at hand…which results in me laughing solo and seemingly without a prompt in the eyes of others most of the time. Like a schizophrenic. Whatever- I will obviously get the last laugh.

Tonight I saw Tim Burton’s Sweeny Todd. My indifference to most movies is reflected by my toddler attention span to them…particularly evident in gory movies: 1/3rd of the time I’m eyes-to-screen attentive, 1/3rd my eyes are wandering, and 1/3rd they’re covered because I really have no interest in seeing the human body inside out. Tonight I noticed everytime my face was burried in my hands because the creepy barber was slitting more throats to make into meat pies ( yeah, the original playwright must have been seriously twisted) the boys i was with would laugh out, loud.

Why? I’m pretty sure humor isn’t the main input to get an outcome of laughter. The laugh must have some deeper adaptive, evolutionary function or it probably wouldn’t exist. I got to thinkin, surface level: if laughter is generally a response to something interpreted as funny, what is humor? In most cases I think the humor has it’s roots in truth. Like a socially acceptable medium to express taboo/shameful/uncomfortable things. BUT here is my road block, as a relativist: what is truth?

and with that, I’m off to bed, only to wake up early for father’s day brunch. I’m really full. Josh would tell me it will feel all better in the morning. Hopefully, cross my fingers he’s right again.


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