मोनोपोली विथ bazookas

18 Jun

I’m not saying that my moarl compas is anything to chart and teach to kindergardeners nationwide.However, neither is yours, my fellow Americans. Here are some poll results from an AOL News.

On an article revealing doctors and psychologists reports of mental and psychological torture against p.o.w. in guantanamo and other US military run holding cells…
“How do you feel about such reports of torture?”
I find them troubling 44% 15,918
It’s no big deal 36% 12,789
I have mixed feelings 20% 7,259

I’d like those near 13,000 people who think torture is no big deal to send their kid off to war and then see how they feel about the potential treatment of prisoners of war. I get it-war is dirty and messy and nothing like a game of monopoly where the rules have the finals say…but still… ” it’s no big deal?”. COME ON people. Come on.


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