The Story of a Man Named Obama

19 Jun

I have a gut feeling that the latest breaking news update about Obama is soon to be repeated in syndication as long as he remains in the public political spotlight. World, I hate that I was right and i cringe to admit that I Told You So on this one.

One of Obama’s campaign mantras during the primaries, which pursuaded the votes of many sheeple, was his dedication to not accepting huge campaign donations from big businesses. Noble and idealistic on the surface ( which is all you need to acrew most votes), but overall painfully naieve and troublesome. I a just a kid who finds the American political machine interesting, not even a political science major, and from the beggining it seemed crystal clear: a sexy spade is still a spade. Albeit you are full of whimsical, enchanting slogans Mr. Obama, you are still a presidential candidate for one of the two major political machines in a corrupt system. Dress up your potential presidency however you’d like to make it seem unique or different, perhaps better, but at the end of the day you will continue to make decisions much like the one you just made…
….to deny the opportunity to fulfil your promise to use public funding for your presidential campaign against McCain instead of vying for large private donations ( aka flirting with lobbyists). And why? Because McCain chose to use private instead of public funding. Fucking Duh, Obama. The system is broken. I’m not saying you made an unwise decision, I’m saying that you are a baby in politics and someone with more experiance ( cough clinton cough) may have never made such a rediculous promise and saw this perdicament coming. that’s all.


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