Tyra the Daytime Tyrant

21 Jun

Backstory: I recieve Tyra Banks’ talkshow newsletter weekly. No, I didn’t stutter, and no, I’m not pulling your leg. Believe it. First semester freshman year I took an upper division comm class ( before I knew the difference between a 100 and 300 level class was more than arbitrary); my nievity bit me in the ass, and I got stuck with my first college paper as a 12 page research whammy on the Tyra Banks talk show. To be honest, I originally subscribed for the research, and I’ve stayed on that list-serve for the past 2 years as part of the same embarrasing phenomenon that I could have a full-fledged conversation about Brittney Spears if pressed in a hostage situation. Now that you’re up to speed on my shameful extensive knowledge on the Tyra Banks talk show, hopefully the following rant will have more credibility than most: Tyra just won a daytime Emmy…oh…my…god. Tyra just won a daytime Emmy, according to her newsletter, for Quality Daytime Programming. What’s on this week’s Tyra lineup? I’m glad you asked. Monday starts out with a bang and T-a ( like G-d, her name need not be written in such casual circumstances) tells us common folk if germs are our friends or our enemies. I, for one, am losing sleep in anticipation like the night before the first day of middle school. Holy crap, America, is this what it’s come to? Have you no dignity…

In other news, I think it’s time the countdown for school to restart has begun! Summer circumstances get real old, real fast. If I’m not sleeping, I’m dissipointing someone, somewhere. I used to keep my fingers crossed that one day I would be accepted, for better or worse, for being me. That sounds nice, but lately I’ve began to think that my weaknesses are just misdirected declarations of my strengths- if ya can’t handle my weakness then that’s essentially the same as not being able to handel my (inverse) strength. The entire thing is just a shame. With 4 deaths in 2 years, one may assume that people would start to appriciate what they got before it’s gone. Then again, one may make the mistake of assuming most people are rational…


One Response to “Tyra the Daytime Tyrant”

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