The World Hates Women

26 Jun

Many women, scholars and common folk argue that there is no longer a need for feminism, and any more progess for women is striving for superior rights, not equal rights. WOmen got their vote, got into the workplace-for gods sake, Condaleeza symbolizes it all!

Wrong, wrong wrong. And I quote women talking to women on daytime TV:
female host: ” so dave, since you are not cheating, but are accused by your wife of cheating daily, does that make you wanna just go out there and do it?”
Dave: ” well…yeah i guess. I haven’t but it’s tempting to cheat if im constantly being told I am.”
audience: boos
Host: ” Hey audience, dont be hard on him. Linda ( the wife) is the one creating the self fulfilling prophecy here and his reaction is only natural. So Linda, how are you going to fix this?”
Linda: ” I’m going to be more trusting and stop accusing him of cheating.”
Host: ” what else did we talk about”
Linda: ” More sex. I’m gunna give him more sex so he doesn’t have to cheat.”
Host: Great


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