…And The World Hates Men Too

17 Jul

Young, Attractive Blonde Lady: ” Don’t get me wrong, I have a great sex life. But sometimes, my husband just wants to cuddle. So what does that mean, when he just wants to cuddle and I am wanting to have sex?I want him to always want me.”
Editor of Men’s Health Magazine Man: “Hmmm, interesting. I’m thrown off that you are complaining that your guy wants to cuddleIt could be two things. My first thoughts are maybe he had a long day at work, and cudeling is all he has energy for. My second through is maybe he’s just not that into women.”

Masculinity, as defined by Free Society of ours, is confined inside a straight-jacket of expression. The idea that a man would at any point in time not want to have sex is so unfathomable to his partner that she is concerned and finds it abnormal, and so perplexing to the Men’s Health expert that his sexual orientation is questioned.

If I ever have a male child, I sweat he’s being raised in a big, yellow bubble.


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