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Suck It, British

27 Jul

The root to most of the world’s problems past and present is disguised under a sophisticated accent and a bold red coat. The British are the personified Plague of the human species. My white guilt runs really deep–that’s what she said. And by she, I mean that hypnotic Motherland we hail to and universal chambers of arian dominated confessional booths in every territory she has intimately touched or internally terrorized through colonization. To be white is to be void of authentic definition and only conceptualized in contrast to the less than flattering labels thrown on the Others, and The White Privilege is the offspring of that phenomenon. Being born while is entering the world as tabla rasa, a blank white slate which could be made into a masterpiece an invaluable, defining part of society, or just another neglected plain Jane piece of white paper.Don’t get me wrong, I still hold class lines and bank accounts to be the sparsely pored separating shield between defendant and prosecution, social welfare leftovers and the creme of the crop, incarceration,obligation, and authoritative masturbation. However, race is still an underlying method of social segregation; is a black or white person more likely to get a loan? Money begets more money, but how can a minority rise up and participate in this capitalist economy to make a profit if they have no fiscal capital to to take any risks because their own country doesn’t have the balls to invest in their humanity: loans for education, housing, higher paying jobs, etc. And you know what? It’s hard to believe in oneself when nobody else does.

Humor me here by participating in this thought experiment. My thought is that the Judeo-Christian concept of morality as interpreted and applied in modern society is MORE of a reflection of the normative white socio-economic status and LESS of a rigid and stable code of conduct resilient to circumstance. Here’s the hypothetical situation:

Welcome to Wall Mart, single Mom! You have twin babies at home, and are scavenging through your purse for that $20 bill you packed with you to replenish your supply for a ceasely demand for diapers. Unfortunately, you don’t have the resources ( time, energy, money) to be eco-friendly about it, especially since the children’s father started viewing child support as choice. You have exactly 20$. Which means you get diapers or dinner for the next 2 nights? No one is looking at you. You’re by the Gerber baby food. do you stuff it in your purse? Do you steal? Would you steal?
Hell yes, I would. A parent’s love for their child and spiritual covenant with them I would say runs deeper than upholding every pillar of a religious tenant because white men in beards wrote it down in the land before time. A Rabbi once argued at me that every sin is a form of stealing. And much like the Rabbi, I think the lawmakers in this country would agree that the single mother shoplifting is criminal and fine her ( so she is more broke), or arrest her ( so she losses a job and is more broke) , or find some other creative form of retribution to rub her face in shit and wag their fingers at her as if she were a 4 legged bitch: bad girl, bad bad girl. Alls I’m saying is that moarlity is relitive and circumstantial, and I would do the same thing in the single mom’s shoes, so the only difference between her and me is that I was not born into a barren community with petty excuses for education and rampant unemployment. I was born into privlage, and i happen to be white, and privlage also begets more privilage.

I forgot where this entire entry was going. ill finish it tomorrow.Humph.

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