31 Jul

It’s really inconvenient that applied philosophy isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s all situational, it’s all context, and if it weren’t and life actually worked by the rules of direct cause and effect, then there would have been no need for the human ability of higher cognitive processing and we’d all still be apes.

What feels good, is good.
Evaluate the cost/ benefit ratio, factor in the law of diminishing returns, and gauge goodness by the greater of the sums of utils.
God is Good; the bible is an ancient Ask Abby.
Good is defined by what is normative; what would most people do?
Life is short, no day but today
Live for yourself, present and future; keep all doors open.
What is Good is relative, it’s all relative. ( the ultimate cop-out philosophy)
There is no good or bad, moral or immoarl; our perceptions of truth are our truth and not the truth in this vast, limitless universe and beyond.
what is good is natural.
Life is suffering; minimize it to find goodness and happiness.

They all make sense every now and again. But I’m on the market for a life philosphy that’s like my trusty pair of slippers; I can use it daily and it provides me with great comfort.

Reader, if you know any good mantras to be a general rule of thumb, holler at your girl.

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