Inverse Ageing

1 Aug

John McCain is a fossil. He is old, old and out of touch, old and an anti-American testament to crusade against ageing.

Your words, America, not mine.

If you ask me, John McCain may be old, but judging by his campaign he would lead America with the catty charisma of a Middle School Queen Bee. Witness, immaturity at it’s finest:

“John McCain’s campaign is not backing down from the controversy over it’s latest television commercial. Titled “Celeb,” the ad, set to run in 11 battleground states, declared Sen. Barack Obama to be the “biggest celebrity in the world,” and juxtaposed his image with those of Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears. The Obama campaign cried foul, accusing McCain and Republicans of trying to scare voters instead of talking about the issues.”


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