Sexual Harrasement

4 Aug

I am a heretic to my gender, according to Nordstrom.
I have arms, I have legs.I can hold a baby, row a boat and run freely. I have a head and face, a brain and mouth; I am someones daughter and have a unique identity and story, I have opinion’s and I share them wanted or not. I have eyes, both knowing and curious-you see, I am complex.Like a human being. I have a body, and my body is my tool to till the world to cultivate my vision, and how dare you make me a another blueprint in your marketing scheme.
I was coaxed into going to Nordstrom today. The Devil herself in Designer Heels. In the checkout line at the shoe department, there was a golden statue. On an pedestal, right before my very eyes, was the ideal woman. This is who I am supposed to aspire to be. No,This is what I’m supposed to be. A What. A Thing. A limbless,headless, sexy piece of tits and hips connected by a literally pencil thin waist. And then put on display to look pretty.

Maybe I can see that and think ‘Nordstrom Fuck Off’, but I’m not sure I could say the same of every 8 year old in the store. Or 48 year old for that matter.

I’m sick of this shit. Send me to Jupiter, I’ll recolonize.


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