Insomniac Hallucination : Lay Lady Darkness, Lay

17 Jan

Lady Darkness, of the night

croons soulful melodies, and I wonder

if I too can achieve that knowing serenity.

Lady darkness, graceful and smoooooth

like lids, laxidaxical & lusting to relax

drip-drop droop down and rolllll and lullllliby

eyeballs back, tuck them in and protect against

the tear-weighted temptress of Sefl-Pity who appears

when looking around and not an echo is there.

Lady Darkness of Introspection,

How dare you make me face myself

Like that, knowing all too well

the inverse image makes me feel like a stranger.

My life is My battle to become Acclimated to Myself.

As Lady Darkness Lies,

My eyes recline & seek serenity inside my mind

But I’ve declared war on myself, white flag flies during the day

and night it come down and there’re debts to be made

so Insomic I’ve become, Insomniac I am

Gotta find piece of mind as my own confidant and friend.


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