Life isn’t Disneyland so Why are you Touring?

25 Jan

Signed, Sealed & Delivered Stream of Wondering Thoughts.


 Tattling-Tale of Reality’s Choke-hold

Mines are planted in the roots of mindful thought.

Tangents slippery and deceptive trailing, trickling loyal to hailing traps.

When combatant wires cross-fire and falsify stone stable truths

or validate far fetched fabrications, reality sweats hallucinations. 

What is wrong with wisdom is the cut-throat slit she carves

of submarine suffering-a chamber drowning dark with mystery

 and ripe misery echos and reverberates the

 weak walled existence inside the cranium coffin.

Confiding in oneself the solace in knowing

and commiserating with tribal Terror, indigenous to the proper Unknown.

A  wound weathered to deep to laugh leaving toiling bellows,  

blowing white foamed waves, flagging down tourists

over-scheduled hyper-stressed miss understanding the sublime SOS.

A final signal of surging oozing raw, wrought & caught in reality’s wan-knuckled grasp

scenic and seen as Majestic Madness– 

moment enraptured with life photographed & captured

pixilated filed forgotten memory, rotten ills slated  conscious clean,

Blank canvas, undisturbed unenlightened and serene. 

Blessed by narcissistic, self-righteous angelic narcotic causing

clots that clog capillary connections of emotion from calloused hearts. I

Wisdom & struggle supersede emotional vanity.

Knowing wise and beautiful sojourning in unrecognized agony.

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