8 Jun

Tupac as Robinhood, Peter Pan: hero of the underdog. Came up with a code of ethics to draw east-west coast guidelines and groundrules to organize violence on the streets within certain confines from coast to coast, carried out by OGs in prisons all over asking him to organize and lead their cause. It didn’t judge the violence, it know it and accepted thats the consequence of circumstances, but improved the mad chaos and violence by putting method and order and structure and sensical ethics to the violence. taking care of our own, gotta start. regulate our communities, controling our neighbor hoods…the message is all the people that society threw away, the dope dealers the criminals, soon they gunna be sitting next to you first class, cause of you bog ( representation of thug life, “tattood” tatood on the bottom of machiavelis bell on his abdomen)/

I rap about the oppressed fighting back. tells stories, sometimes hes the observer, sometimes the actor, sometimes true some times an allegory or fable but with an underlying moral. i tell everything I see I have seen. once you start worrying about what your saying, I get writers block. i cant say that, i cant say this. i just gotta block it out and tell my stories. stories like the compelling human stories told in a raisen in the sun, makielevi, and shakespear. humanity. when i was young, i couldn’t wait to get to jail, ya know? I was scared, but I feel like that’s part of becoming a man. Niggers are the ones hanging with ropes around their neck. Niggas be the ones with gold chains round their necks hangin in clubs. People was thinking that cause I was in jail that I was going to come out with a bomb album. In jail I read a lot of good books, but when it comes to music and lyrics, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t write. Prison kills your spirit straight up. It’s the opposite of what they thought. My inspiration was gone, I was a caged man.

Leader and role model speaking to the underdogs and hopeless, adressing the hopelessness, giving hope

 i feel like when theres hopelessness people gunna revolt. 

How to write a screen play by syd feild. the art of war by san tsu. 

Church of the good theif. clinton correctional facility.

“Fear is stronger than love. all the love i gave didn’t mean nothing when it came to fear.”-2pac

” if you in hell, how you supposed to be living like an angel? that’s suicide.”

I felt trapped. ” I dont felll like what i did was so evil i felt like the way i lived and my mntality was part of my progression on my way to becoming a man/

Thug Life: thats my new way of thinking, thats how. when I say thug, I don’t mean the — the criminal that beats you over the head, i mean the underdog. The person that 

at nothing succeeds hes the thug, cause hes overcome all obstacles. to me the thug is someone who has pride, not someone who has everything but someone who has nothing. goes against the laws Society as laberinth:


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