I want to improve my vocabulary. Day #1.

14 Jun

Word Roots

Fill in the blanks with the meaning of each word root.

bi = two
in = not
pre = before
Root Words

ped = feet
script = to write
tele = distant
port = to carry
phone = sound, voice
biped bi- , _______________  +  ped , _______________
telephone tele , _______________  +  -phone , _______________
prescription pre- , _______________  +  script , _______________  +  ion
porter port , _______________  +  er

Match each word from the previous word roots section with the definition.

_______________ having two feet
_______________ directions prescribed beforehand; the action of prescribing authoritative rules or directions
_______________ electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds
_______________ someone who guards an entrance

Fill in the missing suffix. Then write a sentence using the word.




Circle the correct Latin root for the definition.

12. thoroughly, through, wrong

per- junct bin- -cide
13. reading, law, word

-orium lex deci- sol
14. hand

manu sept- vert ante-

Circle the correct Greek root for the definition.

15. war

aqua bell script ver
16. water

aqua port trans- inter-
17. to cut

trans- medi post- sect

Circle the correct definition for the prefix.

18. tri-

around three before
19. acro-

three height, topmost, top half
20. counter-

middle through, across opposite, against

Fill in the missing prefix. Then write a sentence using the word.




Circle the correct prefix for the definition.

24. beyond

in- il- ir- ultra-
25. half

cent- ac- semi- dia-
26. backward

counter- retro- dia- post-

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