25 Jun

Giacometti The Artist's MotherTanguy Mama, Papa is WoundedPicasso Seated BatherPicasso Night Fishing at AntibesPicasso Girl Before a MirrorI am on a soul search for self and spirit harmony. And why is it that more often than not,  that the meaning I stop to savor on this search reminds me of you, and what reminds me of you are coincidentally meaningful stops to me too.

It is as if Aristophanes view on Love in Platos Symposium were accurate. It is as if you were my missing half, mirroring me, shadowing me, enlightening me, complementing me with constrast and balancing me with stability…

Freud’s Theory of Creativity, I see myself and I see you.  History of Modern Art, Magic Realism- stopping to recognize, appreciate and accentuate the strangeness in the ordinary, I see Me and I see you. A Red Tree etched with oil painted onto a blue Canvas sky, I see Me and I see you. 


In my intensive search for me, how often I find you and resonate with the projected reflective literary or artistic mirror is truly uncanny.


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