27 Jun

Nobody guards the

hearth, here

Nobody protects me

from pain, here

Saltwater tears sting

my wounds, here

Nobody guards the

hearth, here.

To give is to let down

your shield, here

To take is to sell

your emotions, trade the

depth of an iceburg

for the surface smile

tip because that is

all they care to see

so in debt, that is

all they get.

The feeling in my gut

is red hot and steams

up and out

to steel cold and tense

and nervous

shoulder blades

ready to splice

anyone who dare

hug me now

like anyone cares.

The jaw is rusted

the throat is coated

with mistrust and


keep down

the disdain the desire to

let them know the

rage and rapture that

is spelled out with smoke

fumes and fueled by

the vulnerability and

lonliness and isolation

and frozed ice chamber

expanding in my chest

at a rate faster than

the speed of light.

I guard my own hearth

I guard my own hearth

I guard my own hearth

So no one, no nobody

can attempt to temper

with my fire.

The home

the hearth

no wonder

no worth

no work

holy hearse

no wonder

no worth.


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