dOG Skool

2 Jul

About 90% certain that my mother conceptualizes the family dogs as equal in importance to her only daughter. And I am about 98% sure they are a higher priority.

Flashback, three days ago or so. My mother and I have a midnight hour long conversation about how we both want to work on our relationship and ways to do so. Named amongst wayward ways was the novel: “Let’s spend more time together doing fun things.” Will history repeat itself? Tattle tale time provided the anwser. 

The past three times I asked my mom to do something with me I was denied, denied for the dogs. The first inquiry, I posed an afternoon stroll through the flower filled neighborhood. Unfortunatley for my mother-daughter fantasy, the dogs only had a few more days supply of food so my mother said she needed to go buy more. Because she feeds them. Every morning, she feeds them; every night she feeds them. Moving on, the second time I asked if she would like to go to the art store with me. Again, pedigree emergency. The short stop event between second and third propositions was the aforementioned talk. Today, I asked my mom if she would like to stroll around downtown portland today, with me, on first Thursday, a Portland To Do where every art gallery and most stores serve free wine and are open house browsing hits with music and folly. And her response?  I have Dog School at 8:00 pm. 


I asked at 4:00 pm. A four hour allotment between now and dog school and its just abour rearing up downtown. But, alas, she had to get her nails done – HAD to get them done- and missing one session of Dog School to spend a delightful afternoon with a person, not just a person but a relative, not just a relative but the very one she shared between sobs as ‘the most important relationship in her life.’ Me. 

Silly old me. Why consider tabling nails until her 4 day weekend, which began today at 3:00 p.m. when we got off work, or let the dog miss its weekly barnyard bash? 

Does she hate me? Or does she really, really love the dogs and her nails that much more?

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