3 Jul

Life is the same frontwards as it is backwards. Parallel and perpendicular: grow up, over time, deteriorate, over time, the perfect symmetry of a biotic parabola.

Society is intertwined and tangled up and out with the dimensional aspect of a dome, defeating the flat and commonly conceptualized intimate, incestuous, infrastructure of a web or network. When location in time and space, ones impermanency and place, seems as mysterious as the existence of life itself, the wise advise to look up, down and around the foreseeable and salient surroundings to localize ones centrality. Calm, cool, collected centrality.

Sometimes the case is one feels like falling fire, flaring smoke signals upwards but always falling at the mercy of timber wood legs, weighing, legs weighing one  further down, down, down. Flicker sparks like sirens with full strength that translates through the air like a wafting wave to finally reach along the edge of the dome in hopes of finding anyone or anything with a hole in the heart, a special vulnerable soft spot, for you. But in the plea process is hopeless and helpless to both parties involved: the surface structure is bound to get burned. So I ask myself: why reach at all?


One Response to “Palindrome”

  1. Rachel Slingland July 26, 2011 at 7:39 PM #

    Many thanks for making this place great, I seriously value all of the hard work that you do on this web site.

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