Born Again Christians

29 Jul

How perception is conception

to shift how one perceives deliberately conveives

the world to be deception: a hospitable

environment made to form-fit man

and individual men

and me. 

–by me to me urging me to ponder if sorting perception is a tool or vice


watching a documentary  and a reverend gives Bushy some wise words.

treat everyone you talk to everyday like they’re dying at midnight; you will not believe how much this will change your life. The worst thing we can do for ourselves is look back and wish it was different. Don’t regret; start anew, born again.


Okay, okay, I paraphrase. My acupuncturist told me the above in other words in a 15 minute discussion about forgiveness. She said forgiveness is misconceived. She said it is not ones place to forgive another. She said growth spouts from the realization that all we can do is forgive ourselves, where the strife of ego and pride and pain and hurt place us in a position to feel as though we are forgiving another. She said it is never about the other person. It is always about forgiving ourselves.


Born again vishnu.

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