We are water, and when heat waves hit, clarity cries as we evaporate into air.

7 Aug

Sob and smile at the same time. Celebrate tears when tears take form and fall like liquid emotion to testify and wash over blurred eyes perspective so sound so unconditionally, inextricably comes forth case and points inward outwards place in space and part of the collective human condition. To cry is to precipitate, waterfalls from lash laden canopy umbrella framing cloudy eyed-vision. To tag loneliness as impetus for chocked-up  howls escaping like sine wave clumsy thunder  bolts moving like molasses towards a better yesterday is to ignore the narcotic nature of the beautiful ability to connect with ever human who once was and will be who comes out of the womb crying, chord cut, coming into the human condition.  Umbilical cord gone we all share a similar song and she weeps and reminds us that we share one womb in our collective condition. 

Today it stuck me when I watered my daydreams with tears watching morgan freeman on film that I have cried less since we broke up than the salty, bitter  oceanic river filling wells of wasted and fabricated wounds created and contaminated towards the end of our relationship. And when I have criend those tears were liberating, i felt i feared i fled i felt i feared i fled, i practiced compassion for myself and gave myself respect to introspect and sift through the good the bad the ugly in my mood, i came i saw i conquered i came i saw i conquered i came i saw i conquered and I feel free, relief is a still pond filled with tears and after i visited that site and absorbed that moment in time I moved on with my mood and the stain that anger and hurt used to leave behind after I’d cry may have evaporated because that feeling of  hurt and helpless and hopeless everlasting rage was a faucet untampered, never triggered to turn on, what I felt was mine to and I feel free.

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