Clarity killed the cat.

8 Oct

Clear as mud that Clairty killed that cat. Not only that but would you have fathomed that Clairty who killed the cat is a serial killer: nipping cats before the cat nip buds, and cat-nip buds before Clarity kills the cats, inevitably its clear as mud. Imagine that.

I have been drinking less, and my assumption is that come afternoon  until sunrise when my lids finally fall like curtains, my cognitions and  emotions are more or less genuinely unadulterated. When the North star fades to black and the sun that chases West until the end of time and space, so far West sun rises East, I hypothesize when I close my eyes that I am North Star I am West I am home.

In my moments of clarity I have been perceiving stark contradiction that break what I have been taught to categorize as logic and/or reason. I am almost positive that Osama is living under my floorboard, specifically, under my bed. No fear, but to be frank: its the explanation of best fit.  Imagination is my truth today, and yesterday, perhaps tomorrow, but hopefully not monday. Midterm. Must. Make. Memorized. Mechanic.Motion. Must. Regurgitate.RE-APPROPRIATE. Arguments. As. If. I Gave. Analysis. Any More. Cognitive. Energy Than Rehearse-Commitment to Short Term Memory. Bank.

In my moments of clarity I hate from a place of desperate, desolate solitude of knowing I am truly the only one who knows what its like to be me. In the same room a million scenes plays on one reel of perception and while i see the transfer of sensory energy percolate between peers I stew in the fermenting festering pestering poisonous wine i call blood. I suck my own blood–sabotage. Treason.

I don’t need a reason.

Guilty is the primary antonym given to contradict clarity. Guilt is a bothersome awareness of ones guise–the appearance of clarity, conceptually-transperancy.

The notion of an un-socialized angel – one whose motives, intentions, words, behaviors, actions, one who adorns a halo as this one life is lighter than light – is ludicrous, an oxymoron at best. and perhaps this moment of clarity will kill this cat but Christ, such a contradiction is an oxymoron, at best.


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