Tir Yasht

13 Oct

Ancient Iran Epic Poem -a Gathic hymn, to give her a categorical domain- read into me tonight into me reading it.

Top 5 most spiritual experiences in my life. Feel like typing is tacky. Take the stream of one in a blue moon uncanny timming to the syllable set in a line constructed in a concentric fashion and ringed in a series of other microcosmic hymns to create and air tight structure as a way of saying i am so glad that I am up reading for test tomorrow to have this in me. Freshening. Rewire. Needed.

پایگاه پژوهشی آریابوم – Tishtar Yasht – Tir Yasht

The boiling point is in short fire/light/life/sun, and the imagery melts like candy wax equally down the accenting and descending stairway up.


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