Skin of Plastic: Wrap-n-Glow, Los Angeles

14 Oct

The city of angels is lost, a kingdom conquered during the height of its civilization.  A shame that so many voices barely registered an audible sound, sizzling like the buzz of a fluorescent light in a child’s class room, sizzle and die like a slash of water killing a flameless, coal ridden campfire. Nobody revolted against the invasion of their own imperial judgements.

Absorbed, in perception of self–outside elements are tainted and techi-color; neon overcast clouds cough spats of phlegm rain, pellets slosh sickly sky-goo onto asphalt and turn sickly tar chewing tabaco brown. Hairsprayed halos seep sticky sap off of a population radiating off hugh plastic wrap masks of slippery silk screen sheen teeth unknown to mamals, lashes lofted over outlined eyes, fear blazen and overcompensating with hubris, a mascarade canopy coating skin softer than babies bottoms, as labeled on the ship in a bottle made for and made by every Johnson who is married with children and feels something for the first time all day when the mistriss wails at the smack of her baby’s bottom  30 going on 24 baby secratary bottom. Posthumous is possible for humous is vaccant with man and hugh estranged so when a downpour breaths stormy change like a blessing over the desert of angeles city of lost souls,jailbreak from life, barracade behind windows, doors, sealed air tight, turn off the world and on television, person disconnected from person, person diconected from neighbor, person disconnected from the collective womb, person disconnected from the meta cognitive mind fuck, person disconnected from experiancing pleasure in form natural–tmost pleasure in simplicity. Person disconnected from nature, nature from nature, person from onself, fragmented inverse reality where iKnow my iPhone connects my iPod of a mind to who I want to see when I type an abriviated giggle or grin with a colon and parenthesis, social perception fundamentalists and ironically, running inside to aviod the rain doesn’t translate to intropection: retreat from rain, retreat from body, retreat from mind, retreat from iDentity.

I love the rain.


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