Thermocular Vision

16 Oct

Heat–> Light? Light –> Heat? Is Heat a parasitic presence, finding for and feeding off Light, or is the paradigm reversed? Darkness is default, light is a matter of timing, light is the scientific immaculate conception, Zeus to lightning to key, lighting to key through kite, kite to key to code. Code to coded coil. Coils planted factorial equations matching supply and demanded, branded with stamped and harvested  of the stock from lines of bulbs. afraid of dark is afraid of self. forgive me edison for sin is misunderstanding in the enlightenment….

i will finish thought later i am yeeesh;my point i thinkl ater is that i create opposite when only the y axis in a one quadrant stop ( x dark y light) is flexible. likewise. damn. i see thermal. i am not sleeping under the bed yet, but predisposition to nutcase plus stress made mania so manic last night and now 24 hours

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