I know i am a gypsy, finding her…

20 Oct

A Gypsy’s Dream

Wrapped warmly in the burnished coat of the tiger,

Protected, safe in his strong but indifferent embrace,

Her eternal spirit drifts upwards without notice

To soar above the sky and beyond,

Within and without the known continents of space and time

And some unknown, yet untravelledrealms.

Bounding off celestial citadels,

Guided by the stars and the eroded paths

Of those who dreamed these places before,

She dares to enter the next one proudly,defiantly.

“When is this time? Where is this place?”

She sees, as a gypsy reads her tattered cards,

Through darkest portals that open wide

Onto horizons far out of reach

But magnificent in her searching mind’s eye.

She flits about, this moth for the light,

From life to life,

From one lonely shore to another

Somewhere, somewhen more distant in space and time,

Forever beseeching the Seers of Then and Now

Who contradict and utter sacred verse obscure,

Tempt her with puzzles and purses of gold,

Then gravely stare in stoic silence,

Unmoved by her passion and wondrous kit of charms

Determined, she stands upon the pinnacle

Of their sublime, ethereal world,

Glimpsing shadows and thrilling by what lay ahead.

Reborn, her flesh exudes a bold blind innocence

And all the while clutching weakly

At her dangerous, impartial earthbound guardian.

Let it go! Throw off this feline shroud!

Stand naked, shivering before the altar,

Brilliant in your glowing sunlit whiteness

And dare to ask:

“Why was I granted this unlikely life?

To what end will it serve, what good?”

Infinite choices have we, or so it seems,

Yet vaguely does she know now as before

That only just to seek within herself,

To turn that wandering, wondering eye around,

Fling wide the shutters of that inner window

And peer intently through the fog beyond,

The answers are awaiting.

The answers are awaiting…


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