27 Oct

Andre Breton speaks “who am i” and so herein lies the quest. so here in lies the quest. so here in lies the question up side down punctuation, dot the I with identity, if I is you than who am I?

Quest to find Identity with I and Eye, I is Eye, Eye is inner, Inner is light, I is light, Light is, we are prism, we are one we are light we are prism, klaedoscopic fascination colors spinning shape shifting imagination proclamation- imagine eye with I and I with I, where I is you, you see?- dripping fragrant animation & heliocentric visions, unconfined intuition and whats left? Light. All I am is light. Pause. Inhale. Tiny focus of brilliance buzzing swifter than the swords of a gillion wards, electron transfer electonic energy and aura of essence radiation glowing emanating i am exhale and behold: Lightning. We are lighting, light, you and I, and all that is must be one, one beam of light, a halo of humanity. we are one. light. one.



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