Always Burning: an automatic writting entranced in my chants, inspired after viewing the alan glass film in class

4 Nov

I Fell

Down the Hole

My Shadow absolves

–Hollow herself, herself hollow–

Her Presence an absence I follow her into

herself a presence

an absence

cloaked infinitely

expansive divinity

leap year over linear

absurd  in profundity

Her presence an absence

Hollow as a hypocrite

fluid in shape shifting in place

programmed awareness clouded

cognitive blindness

inherent ignorance

so this song of self I sing.

Her prescense an absence

My Shadow abstracts–

there is a hole in my whole

my hole in the whole

a hole in myself my self a whole myself a microcosm

creation depletion smoke and mirrors mirages in tears to tired to stream

I step to the bank I feel the current of the river cool and blushingly with droplets fresh from mountainside dew and carrying on its back effortlessly colors of leaves lacing autumn trees with the orange of the fire that burns behind my rib caged it bumps – thump thump, thump thump, palpating in rhyme to a rhythm sublime unleashing the goddess within I am whole–

my hole is the beauty in the intricate flaw cosmological whatnot wasted time ruminating over trivialities blossom and extrapolate what I fathom into a world I imagine my reality is a universe of her own and only I can see what I see with the retinal or mind eye sight and this height is my own my own perspective so why I fight myself and name the hole in my whole something other than me, part of my self part of humanity part of the eternal return egg-shaped infinity transcendence is coming I feel it in my bones below the place where my neck meets my back between my shoulder blades like the four points the native americans used to stand like the stake during a time before I arrived into how I know myself now, and I will not burn on this stake I will emulate its structure and pride myself,

Sesquipadalion! Sesquipadalion! dandelion daffodil hazel witch spell!

my word is my magic and miracles can happen when I believe in my power make peace with my hole and just Be.

The King of Wands


3 Responses to “Always Burning: an automatic writting entranced in my chants, inspired after viewing the alan glass film in class”

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