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Before I Go Downtown, Some Astrology:

31 Dec

Projection of Your Real Self

Sometimes showing the world who you really are is not easy, and sometimes the world may not respond as you had hoped! It’s helpful to take a look at the differences and similarities between the attitudes, impressions and images you project and the person who resides at the core of your being.

With your Sun in Gemini your inquisitive manner and quick wit may be your trademarks. You need variety, and whether in relationships, career opportunities or creative endeavors will prefer to create a life which gives you plenty of options. You may radiate an air of intelligence, and most enjoy people and situations which stimulate your mind. The old truth, “you are what you think,” is especially clear to you, and you have the ability to shift your consciousness and create a whole new realm of life experience by first altering your mental focus.

Your Ascendant is the face you present to the world, and shows how others see you.

Your Ascendant, or rising sign, is Aquarius. You may be quite avant-garde and can be a trendsetter. It’s possible that your disdain for the traditional and affinity for the unusual can leave an impression of eccentricity. You can carry it off, however, because you’re not meant to follow the cookie-cutter patterns: you’re creating one of your own! Freedom is highly important to you, and your need for spontaneity enhances your ability to find the truly unique elements life has to offer.

Uranus, the planetary energy associated with your rising sign, is in Capricorn in your chart. Although you may want to be seen as an individual, you may approach the creation of your image through more traditional means. You value your freedom and may not be willing to risk doing absurd things that might compromise your ability to maintain your independence.

With your Sun in square aspect to your Ascendant, you may sometimes feel that everyone is always on the defensive with you. You may even have learned to avoid asserting yourself just to avoid the pain of confrontation. But there are times when you do need to take a stand or when you need things to go your way. Learning to ask for assistance is quite different from demanding it, and you’ll gain greater support from others if everyone feels empowered.


Chapter 1: The Sun
Your Sun is in Gemini (Tropical zodiac).

Coming as you do under the double sign of Gemini, there are likely to be two natures within you as far as your inner, subconscious urges are concerned.

Also, Emily , as in other Gemini children this tendency toward double-mindedness at times may find expression in inclinations to change your mind and overspeculate about things. With application of your will, these inclinations can be curbed.

Now, you were probably part of European culture during the Middle Ages, when there was considerable action and adventure, for example in the continual feuding and strife among the many fiefdoms, families, tribes, castles and kingdoms comprising Europe before its present consolidation into several nation-states

Section 2: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation
Sun in Gemini:

Your mystical, intuitive and spiritual sensitivity arises from your past lives, perhaps in early Roman times, or in the Egyptian/late Atlantean period.  Then you may have been a seer with expertise in the religious mysteries of the day and in healing through the laying of hands. Your likely interest in group meditation, symbology, holistic health, and astrological timing arises from such past life experiences.

From your afterlife experience in the Neptune dimension, your imaginative urges create strong mystical impressions within you. At times, Emily , when you meditate or simply rest, the actions expressed in your visions and daydreams may elicit such intense emotions that you may feel as if you had actually experienced them.

Since Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, ruler of the arts, your Neptunian attunement and sensitivity give you abilities related to the arts in virtually any direction, whether as an actor, a dancer, an artist, musician or art critic.

Although you would do well in any creative endeavor, you are also gifted with healing power, especially in applying, for example, music and color to emotional disturbances. Hence, combining analytical or depth psychology with your creative and mystical sensitivities may suggest fields that will bring you deep understanding, if judged from the spiritual side.

You may also achieve a great deal through service for others, caring for others, helping those less fortunate. To be a channel of blessings to others is the purpose of every soul coming into the material world. For you particularly, serving others may have special rewards. If it is in keeping with your ideals, you would gain much in service involving an organized charitable institution or missionary branch of a church denomination. Public leadership involving large organizations through speaking to groups and writing is also indicated.

In addition, Emily , things that come over water or upon water are likely to be significant in your experience. Travel and law, especially in connection with these, should also be a portion of your activities.

Day One

29 Dec

Every morning I go on a walk. The same route, up the rolling hill, and then back down, as part of my dance I do when back home. My iPod on shuffle, my head in the clouds, a song comes on and the sky pours snow like silence over the shivering trees. Hush: a blanket over chittering branches. Spectacular. The song is below, my only request is if you listen to it, listen to the entire song. From the album Blazing Arrow, I present Blackalicious with the track “Day One”:

Day One, Blazing Arrow, Blackalicious

Playlist: Hail to ’09, Turn to ’10

28 Dec

What I\’m Listening to: Music to Turn the New (y)Ear

I enrolled in a class where my professor is also the head of the newly established Russian Modernist Project. Soooo dope!!!! Check it out:

I Cannot Wait for Spring Semester: Behold, My Calling


27 Dec

Yesterday my blog stats showed me what google searches led random folk to my blog. Amused:

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
free 2010 numerology forecast 1
synesthesia tok presentation 1
cubist spacecraft 1
numerology personal year 1, 2010 1

I Hate American Apparel Advertising

27 Dec

Cute clothes; however, my increasing agitation with the (clothing factory/hipster haven?)may finally have reached a boiling point and see the second coming of the past facet of self I gave up to try on hypocracy cotour as an agent-for-apathy. Will American Apparel be what finally leads me back towards to activism I so safely clung to for far too long? I dunno. Mau just be…I care. Huh. This feeling again.

Here is my gripe: the more I come to respect myself, the less I can stomach these goddamn depictions of fragmented women, dehumanized (the body is never forward facing and in its entirety) and hyper sexualized , and I am sick of seeing images of myself (young, white women) defiling the integrity of what it means to be a woman for the rest of us.

Mystery Repeats

25 Dec

String Theory: How I Found Myself a Hazel Nut

I have been told time and again my aura emanates shades of hazel hinted with ambrosia sparks.
My favorite color for as long as I’ve defined the category has been hazel.
My land lord has an attic filed with things and widgets junked into boxes and true to form the trash can come alive as treasure when the right item is found while looking for nothing in particular. This is how I came upon the book Folk Magik, filled with mythological symbols and archetypes, intended to be a rich resource for writers.
Inside this book is a page dedicated to Hazel. I read it  and so it seemed it read me before I was born. We resonated.
Today I looked up what my birth tree is, and according to Celtic mythology, the Hazelnut Tree is aligned in the stars with the day I came into this world. And once again, we resonate:

One look at the hazel tree and it’s easy to see why the Celtic meaning of the hazel tree deals with creativity, and why the druids held it in such high regard amongst the Ogham ranks.

The hazel’s unusual branch formations make it a delight to ponder, and was often used for inspiration in art, as well as poetry.

The bards, ovates and druids of the Celtic day would intently observe its crazy curly-Q branches. Doing this would lead them into other worlds of delightful fantasy. Much the same way our modern imaginations can be captured by a good movie, the creative Celts were artistically motivated by the seemingly random and wild contortions of the hazel.

A more commonly known fact is that the hazel is considered a container of ancient knowledge. Ingestion of the hazel nuts is proposed to induce visions, heightened awareness and lead to epiphanies. Indeed, the legend of Fionn Mac Cumhail tells of his gaining the wisdom of the universe by simply coming in contact with the essence of the hazel nut.

He did this through the salmon, which was known to eat the hazel nuts that dropped around a sacred pond encircled by nine hazel trees. It was fabled that from their diet of the nuts, the salmon too were keys to infinite knowledge. Fionn burned his finger while preparing a soup of these very salmon. Instinctively, Fionn thrust is finger in his mouth to soothe the burn and by this slight contact he became enlightened.

Like a Virgin: My First (completed) Flash animated website

21 Dec

My avant garde final project (multimedia component), revealed:

My Final Multimedia Project: The Avant Garde

Three Days In

20 Dec

and disowned by my father. Gotta love coming home: where tempers are explosive and howls echo from icebox carvernous heart cages, guarded to a fault and still, gaping wounds bleed vulnerability. Sirens silently sounding, always. Always good to come home and see my true self from the reflection of those who hate me because they are not happy with their lives and hate themselves

Like looking in the spitting image of their composite failures, I arrive like arrmegedon, not a phoenix, but its destructive counterpart that casts creation into the deepsea trenches through wildabeast like inability to be anything else but itself: a temperment untamed, a tenacity too intense, and a presence like liquid nitrogen that raises hell and goosebumps at once with the sheer incling of her presence.

Disowned, told to take all my own health care and medical bills and pay them myself, told I’m going to die, etc, its all happened before within the first 24 hours. I see 3 days as improvement. Eh.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Wildly Chasing Wild Spirituality

20 Dec

AND I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND THIS DISSERTATION ONLINE! I’m a hopeskip and hare away from tracking this lady down via email and asking how I can get a copy–>

“Doll Folktales of the East Slavs: Invocation of Women from the Boundary of Space and Time,” by Philippa Rappoport, at the University of Virginia, 1997.

Earth’s orbit: The 15th Most Toxic Place to Live, Hypothetically

20 Dec

Earth’s orbit.

Believe it or not, even space contains copious amounts of pollution. An estimated 4 million pounds of space debris — nuts, bolts, metal and carbon, even whole spacecraft — currently orbit the Earth, threatening satellites, communication and even the lives of our astronauts.

Finding the Full Circle: Ressurecting Starting Point of Pathways to Bliss

19 Dec

The Power of Myth

Awakening, The

19 Dec

I read the book by Kate Chopin by the same title. I’m not talking about that book. It was alright.

spiritually. My Awakening. I woke up one morning and it is like the goddess came to me in my dream. The image is burned in my head and indeed no more than two days no less than one day later I found the image and here she is:

This is the ancient Hindu symbol for the goddess.

Yesterday Morning I Woke Up and I remember as Clear as Daydream what They Night Crooned to My conciousness. My Dad Had Explained To Me The Function of


And Their real application in terms of probabilistic Epigenisis. How indeed the potter comes to look like the pot and al energy is transferred through all things. I had an object and I meditated on it in my dream. I faded out of the scene and my father, who is severely hearing impaired, played role of omniscient narrator. I saw the object leave my presence and interact with another object. I saw the object then appear in the same domain as my father, and although he could not see me and had no idea I had held that object in my hands no more than a dream minute earlier, he held it and called out to me. “See Emily, I know this object holds your essence because I can feel the energy of your conciousness, your vibrations, interlaced with its own.” Sense deprivation heightens other senses. My father is very, very good at identifying the proper noun attached to the motion through floorboards, the layout of the setting through the vibrations in the room, the place of the defender and basketball on the court, etc. He tried to give me this gift in my sleep and although I am not sure he knows that he was with me in my dream, this is a gift I take seriously and so it seems I have been contemplating the psychological realism of objects since.

This is how it might goes, this interaction of everything is everything is everything

Chakra, The Unraveling of the Mysterious: Vol. 1

18 Dec

Chakra (derived from the Sanskrit cakraṃ चक्रं, pronounced [ˈtʃəkrə]; Pali: chakka, Chinese: 轮, Tibetan: འཁོར་ལོ་; khorlo) is a Sanskrit word that translates as “wheel” or “turning”.

Chakra is a concept referring to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, are believed to exist in the surface of the etheric double of man. The Chakras are said to be “force centres” or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body, the layers of the subtle bodies in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation (the fans make the shape of a love heart). Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.  Seven major chakras or energy centres (also understood as wheels of light) are generally believed to exist, located within the subtle body.

It is typical for chakras to be depicted in either of two ways:

  • Flower-like
  • Wheel-like

In the former, a specific number of petals are shown around the perimeter of a circle. In the latter, a certain number of spokes divide the circle into segments that make the chakra resemble a wheel or chakra. Each chakra possesses a specific number of segments or petals.

MetaAggregate of MyAggrievances

17 Dec

WordPress Blogs are beyond what I fathomed a blog did or could entail as a novice blogger. I started blogging when I was 14 years old, and MySpace already managed to consume time I otherwise would have spent living my life. The blog function on my page was the gateway drug to a world of numbing catharsis or silly distraction in toying with the written word. And now, 7 years later, here I am repeating history. I recently found four past blogs of mine, one of which was a communal blog with a few friends. All are imported, so now the archive dates back a little longer and here and there a voice may read unlike my own and this may be evidence of the communal blog transfer. Enjoy


17 Dec

A view from the Creek embedded in the Woods where I flee to to think or escape thoughts, forget past and future and just be in the present and explore the wilderness outside and inside my mind.

My Serenity Space: A Time-Out from Place & Time-In to Perpetual Present

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