one try attempt one collaborate rhymin words spit like smokin guns we under the influence of syntax tear the wrinkle in time breaking terrorist barriers like we invent anthrax

3 Dec

cause the mind to stray
lead the mind astray
Angels are hard to find
Blind leading the blind
Come up from Behind
Praise and glorify God
Face the firing squad
she dropped the habbit
Gimmie CBT Torture, I’m Mike the Man
change is not what we need
aint that the way it goes
all of gods children got a soul
i was the lump in her throat
lickin stick lickin stick
spread the butter on too thick
i have a bone to pick two turntables and mic
sneaky syllable
as ancient as the sun
admission of light
as sure as eggs is eggs
my brain is like a micro processor chipits just feeding into the machine
a loophole in the law a wrinkle in time
i can rhyme on anything im the default
run you over like a speed bump
im the definition of free will the sound of a bell alexander grahm bell
affermative vote affording no hope
your girl is an arabian desert
Im cold as a witches kiss, day dreams visions of bliss i challenge your kiss i dont believe this i challenge your kiss i dont believe this on a night lilke this i dont wanna get a nine ato five and fie in a cubicle cause ill get die in cubicle
im a vibration i cant get no keys to a car spitting on far, cant lay down on rhyming cant lay down payment when im rhyming, im stuck on the system addicted to the pill of solitude rhyming scheming just suplying truths so sorry if im rood if your reading this get ready for this if your reading this get ready lets do this ii can rock you like this, can he rock you like this
i cant stop its inside of me, its inside of me, im an unjustable pitch, i got to rhyme like this, im an over and over stich pit in its proper niche whatever flips your switchs. lights on bitch, lights off. so i can have a no limit card. black like knight no limit.
im independently rich this is in my brain its all inside me its in my brain why have i been afraid to spit these rhymes inside me it vibrates, i cant lose it and once i grabbed it i will not find it and i have to you show you it because it is me inside me and so you see so i will show you the picture and to you its a wall like a fixture question marks scribble crayons like did i miss her, and now all you saying is did you wish for her. make some more rhymes keep it on the daily rhyme get out there. switch it up drink whats in the cup fall down the rabbit hole. irrisistible bitch, ecological niche. girl is on the pole gotta earn money so she can go to school and get another job but she cant pass, all she do is laugh, had parents money to and throw, away all she did laugh on the grass, doin lines of coke, ignoring the future or figurative past, whatchu gonna do with your self. everyone is in the spiral , supression its a stifle keeping minorities down….

alice where art though best way i know how coco de macao combination plor drunk as davids sow glod bless a milk cow holier tan though love will show us how dont dont allow act holier than thou by the sweat of your brow do the best you know how betcha golly wow x2 how do you milk a cow put your hand to the plow, love will show us how, reversible disk plow.

emz emily zurow i be on your nuts and i burrow
social constructs in operation storm, i am the behavioral norm after a late nate storm

youre bodies still warm after operation desert storm
we re artifical rose we be on the
you cant hold up

baby jesus is born on a crucifixtion thorn honey were in the horn but honey every rose as a thorn american born but i dont like to hold up to public scorn cant judge me im american free, brand me.
articical rose arose, rise before me eyes baby jesus on that needle threaded words withoughout thimble stiches time tapestry blanket you and me under stars blasted like beams of light on broken coloms might ihave this dance its all i do vibration sensations dreaming lucid and you the rabit im chasin. down the hole.

You’re body is an Outlaw and I’m on the run
a cucoo in the nest im an analogy test all is for the best and forsaking all the rest you come off second best here to attest hold your under house arrest my desire has no rest minds eyes reaching towards initity triviality makes mince meat minting money off associations test


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