Cosmogony, Redacted.

6 Dec

Plato battled with the limits of what he knew. Plato’s Symposium is a concert of opinions held by Plato and Plato’s pseudo-band of philosophers whose identities and opinions he assumed in etching into papyrus the original Great Debate: what is love?
Through utilizing both intuitive inclination to postulate shape and form from thin air and carry out that which is defined by its inability to be understood, only felt, never to be seen naked, only twinkling in the starry eyed night sky. The Symposium is the product of the procesesing of wisdom realized and reconsidered from the arsenals of abstraction of his contemporaries, all questing to answer the question of love.

Cosmogonies from the origin of meta-cognitive contemplation wrestle with the mystery repeating. However one or a greater one conceptualizes the conception of One, love is inserted into the logagrythm. The harmony from the dissonance of love and strife created earth, in the domain where memory and time eternally reaching forward and tracing backward infinately, finally met.

I’ll see you at the Crossroads, so you won’t get lonely. The Four Points for Native American Mythology, The Cross, and the time-space continuuum for star trek fans. same setting, same domain. that cross stich in space.


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